Friday, August 5, 2011

Rest & Hummus!

Update time again!

Thursday was a complete and utter rest day! No workouts. No knitting. I painted my nails after cooking a kick ass dinner, lol! Then threw my phone down the laundry chute because I was that tired. I was in bed by 9:30.

The Noms!

Let me just preference this with... I was HUNGRY yesterday!

Breakfast - Eggs, Tomatoes, Bacon
AM Snack - 2 Plums, 2 Hamburger Patties
Lunch - Leftover Pinwheely Chicken, Green Beans
PM Snack - Pistachios & Almonds
Dinner - Paleo Hummus w/ Carrot Sticks -n- Pork Fried "Rice" My favorite part of this... The Pork Fried "Rice" recipe says to cook the cauliflower until it doesn't taste cauliflower-y! That made me laugh!

Jonas LOVED the hummus. I think this will become a staple for his school lunches this year.

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