Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Week 3 Day 2 Upity Update!

The Exercise:

Yesterday was a rest day, on the workout front anyways. I did just that, minus some dancing around. Who doesn't like to dance around (y'know, when no one else is looking and you can act like a fool while cleaning the kitchen and cooking...)?

The Noms:

Breakfast - I did some whacky things! I had Bacon and made some paleo pancakes (eggs with almond butter). Good stuff, a little dry though... I may fiddle with it some more.
Snack - Clementines & Almonds
Lunch - Leftover Sausage & Cabbage "Noodles" with some Green Beans
Dinner - Snacked on Almonds while I cooked. Had a couple of the Lebanese Kebabs and a spoonful of broccoli. Apparently I wasn't hungry.

The Life:

Knitted! I finished up the 44 rows of grey I had been struggling through and started green! Through right this very minute, I'm at 16.31% done! So that's 170 rows of 1,042 done... only 872 more to go! (Yeah, I might finish it by November).

On the job front... Things are becoming very interesting... I got asked yesterday, "What do you want to do when you grow up?" from my boss. :)  More on this later, I'm sure.

The Other Random Things:

I noticed a couple of things yesterday:
  • My boobs stick further out than my tummy. (WIN!)
  • I notice fit people more.
  • I notice unfit people more and feel sadness, wishing I had the guts to tell them they could do so much more with their lives if they cared about themselves.

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