Friday, August 12, 2011

Random Updates

I realized today that I've not updated in a while. So, as I am sitting here waiting for dinner to be ready, I figured it was a good time for an update of sorts.

Exercise Front:

This week I finally read The Primal Fitness eBook from Mark Sisson. I decided it was a really awesome set of exercises I could do at home (or a park) with excellent progression milestones.

Yesterday I did the self assessment and figured out what levels to start at. Not surprising! Level 4 in squats. Level 2 in push-ups. Level 4 in plank and Level 2 in overhead press.

Tomorrow I have a virtual date with some Nerd Fitness friends. We are going to do our workouts at the same time. It gives me motivation to push through and rock at my workout.

Eating/Nomming Front:

Things here are going really well. This week I gave up fake sugar (aka crystal light). I've had a goal to drink a gallon of water at work. Met it 3 days and got close the other two! I'm trying to get more protein in during the day. So far so good!

Life and Other Stuff Front:

I've not knitted much. Lack of desire.

I'm planning on hiking on Sunday afternoon.

Work and work possibilities are going swimmingly.

Bills should be caught up at the end of the month so I can stop living paycheck to paycheck.

Oh! And I got my bodyfat retested by the gym trainer. In 3 months, I've gone down 8%! Not only that, I stayed the same weight. Know what that means? Yep! I put on as much muscle as I lost fat. How awesome is that??

Well, food is here and it smells great. Time for me to bid adeiu!

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