Thursday, August 25, 2011


Words have been floating through my head for the past couple of days, but have escaped somewhere between my head and my fingers.  I have so much floating through that I lose the topics on my brain before I have a chance to get them out.

A new chapter in my life is in the works.  Things will be changing. Due to this, I need to do some changing as well.  Fear grips me when I think of all of the changes that will happen. My words and thoughts escape to the point I can't concentrate on anything but that fear. Yet, I know, change happens for a reason and because of change, we can grow. I know I will grow and become a stronger person in spite of these changes.

How will this effect my personal goals with my journey to a healthier person? I'm not 100% sure yet. Exercise has been difficult for me to get in for the past week due to some family obligations.  Since eating properly is 80% of the game for this journey, I am focusing on that.  I will exercise when I have time until things settle into a routine again.

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