Monday, August 29, 2011

Challenge #3 Final Report

Report Time!

You'll notice a pattern below, I did good the first 4 weeks, the last 2, eh… not so much. This is due to the changes happening in my house and the amount of stress that is all bringing.

Eating Goals:
  • 100% Paleo
    Not quite, but I think I did very good at this considering everything going on at home.
  • Fruit 1 serving per day, choosing between: Berries or apple (apples are accessible if I forget my berries at home). Try to only do an apple once a week.
    I actually did really good at this. There were quite a few days where I didn't have fruit and didn't feel a pressuring need to.
  • Nuts 1oz per day. These will either be pistachios (which I'm still trying to figure out how much 1oz is with the nuts in the shells) or almonds.
    Same as fruit, there were days I didn't have any nuts, and a couple I had more than planned.
  • I will not be logging my food into a calorie counting program, however I will be logging everything I put into my mouth and my feelings each day. This is vital to me figuring out what my triggers are.
    I did really good for the first 4 weeks but the last two I didn't log anything. My triggers? Stress. Which I already knew.
  • Create a weekly menu on Saturday for the following week. Post it. Follow it.
    Again, did really good the first 4 weeks. I need to keep doing this, it kept me on par for where I needed to be.

Fitness Goals:
  • BW Workouts 3x per week
    I got these all in the first 4 weeks. The last two, I did maybe 2 workouts.
  • Cardio (biking, walking, chasing my kid, etc) 2 hours per week
    This is the one I probably got closest to doing all 6 weeks. I didn't hit 2 hours each week, but I did get out and do things for all six.

Life Goals
  • Knit every night on the Dr. Who scarf I started 2 years ago for my brother's birthday so I can finish it for his birthday this year. (Fun!)
    This so did not happen. The first 3-4 weeks I did alright, the last couple I so did not want to pick up those knitting needles.
  • Take my kid to hiking twice, once at Starved Rock State Park and once at Indiana Dunes State Park. (Fun!)
    This didn't happen at all.
  • Continue working on budget, cutting down spending such that I can put money into savings every month. (Adult)
    This I've gotten under somewhat of control. I've spent this six weeks trying to catch up on everything so I could implement the budget I created. We've been living on a very minimal budget because of this. Things should be even out in the next month. Five more months until my CC debt is paid off!
  • Update my resume and put it out there to find a job closer to home. (Adult)
    I've not updated it yet. I did find it. Oddly enough, my boss is finding me a job elsewhere… with him. Hah!

Starting Weight: 273
Ending Weight: 276
- I did lose 6 inches over all my measurements tho.

This whole, I've not lost weight in so long thing is really pissing me off. I know stress is effecting it, but really, it's pissing me off. I still have quite a bit of weight to lose. I can use the excuse, "You've lost 140 already, you've got a lot of skin hanging around." But in reality, I have a lot of fat too. The fat should be coming off quicker and it's not. I can't fathom that I'm losing fat and gaining muscle at the same time. I really need to figure this out for the next six weeks or it's going to drive me nuts.

Overall Grade for this challenge? C

I've had some wins, some losses, but overall I averaged out somewhere in the middle.

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