Tuesday, August 30, 2011

We're Being Chased by Bears!

So I've been thinking about what to do for the next challenge. I decided that this week off between challenges is no excuse (especially when you consider I've not worked out in 2 weeks) to slack off.

So Jonas and I went to do a sprinting workout last night after dinner.

I told him we were walking to his school playground for our workout. He wanted to know if we were doing "rowboats". I explained to him, that no, we weren't doing body weight rows or lifting heavy things, we were going to play a game. So we discussed the rules for "We're Being Chased by Bears!"

There were 6 sprints, running as fast as you could.
We'd map out approximate 50 Meters to sprint. (It ended up being around 30, I later calculated)
We would take turns chasing each other to pretend we were running away from bears.
If you were caught, you had to do 5 push-ups per time caught. First time, 5 push-ups... second, 10, etc.
The "predator" gave the "prey" a bit of a head start.
We would go into a "grok squat" between sprints while we caught our breaths.

We had a blast! I did one extra sprint where he timed me. I clocked in at just under 9 seconds.

When we were done, he asked if we could jog one lap of the laps he has to run for gym class. Since the laps are around his playground, and mostly rectangular, he decided that after the last turn we had to sprint to the end. We finished a lap in 1:25.

We then walked home, talking about how we were going to map our the rest of our week with workouts. He's very excited about both the body weight "Lift Heavy Things" workout as well as the "Play" workout, which he asked if we could do "rowboats" during the play if we did them during the lift heavy things. I told him he'd have to come up with fun stuff for our play "dates" but if he wanted to do the rows, we could.

We also talked about "eating our special way" and how he enjoys the variety of his lunch, but eating breakfast at my mom's house wasn't always easy to "eat special". She usually makes him pancakes or oatmeal and bacon/sausage. I figure the one meal is OK for him (given it's not all sugar), for now. He's easing into eating primally, later we can move his breakfast to something more primal too.

So, in short... my kid is awesome.

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