Thursday, July 28, 2011

Upity Update!

Today's Update!
The Exercise:

Ok. So today I had to do a strength workout, right? I blew past rank 1 and 2 of my squats. I gots me some strong legs, y'know, from carrying around weight for so long. Anyways, back to the story. Jonas (that would be my 5ft 9 year old) wanted to ride bikes when we got home. How could I deny him some exercise? So I thought, "Well I can use the bike ride as my warm-up." As we rolled out, I got to thinking... We were going past a park. I could stop at the park and get my strength workout on. Right? Right! So that's what we did. We rode about 2 miles to the park, stopped and I looked around to decide how I was going to do things.

Push-ups? Easy. I'm on incline push-ups, plenty of things to do those on. 4 sets of 15. Squats? Plan was to do jump squats. My knees didn't like that plan. I looked around... park bench! I could try box jumps (bench jumps?)! The bench was about 18 inches from the ground. Epic win! I did 4 sets of 10! I did these 4 sets circuit style without breaks.

Back and abs? Hmm. I could do body weight inverted rows again, sure. But I wanted something fun. Something different! I tried doing the monkey bars to work on my grip and strength there, yeah... not so much. Lol! So I did what any self respecting woman does... I got on the swings and just started swinging. Yep! Did you know if you pay attention to form, swinging works your upper body (arms and back), legs (from pumping) and your core! Tie that in with me loving to put the swing on my back and kicking my feet overhead and lowering them to the ground lowly... I had my back and ab workout! Sweet! (I did this swinging thing for about 5 minutes total)

Hopped back on our bikes and rode home. I feel awesome!

The Noms:

I'll be the first to admit (who else will admit it for me, c'mon, really?) I ate like crap today. I woke up late (I have the not getting enough sleep bug going around) and didn't have time to make food for my training class. Breaks during training didn't allow for us to really leave, so I was stuck eating what was given, plus what I grabbed at 7-11.

Breakfast - 2 eggs, banana & protein bar
Lunch - Sub Sandwich & Salad
Afternoon Snack - protein bar & pork rinds
Dinner - (Redemption?) Zucchini noodles, Pasta Sauce with leftover meat (beef, turkey, pork all chopped in the food processor)

The Life:

No knitting again today. I'm hitting the shower after posting and then the bed.
Finished up my 3 day training, leveling up my life. Now I just need to figure out a plan for implementing what I learned at work. I will be putting this training on my resume as well. Makes me more marketable.  Business Intelligence Specialist - FTW!

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