Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Week 1 Quick Summary & Week 2 Menu

I'm in a Microsoft sponsored training for SQL Server Analytical Services for the next couple of days so I'm going to only be doing a quick summary and stuff. :)

Week 1 Summary

Exercise Goals - Met.  I got in all my strength training workouts without issue.  My cardio of 2 hours was met with some cardio dancing on Sunday! I've gone through rank 1 all the exercises and completed rank 2 of the squats during week 1!

Eating Goals - I had a little stray off paleo on Saturday but right back to the way of things.  I feel good about this goal. I strayed a little from the menu but it helped greatly in keeping me from going grabbing fast food or something if I didn't feel like cooking.

Life Goals - I knitted 6 out of 7 days.  I went on a hike with the kiddo, but it wasn't one of my planned ones. I've also done a little work on the budget.

Week 2 Menu
This week will be interesting for a couple of reasons.
- I'm in training 3 days with provided lunches (no idea what they are, but I plan on bringing things just in case.
- I have a secret shop to do tonight at Buffalo Wild Wings
- I have to drive 2 hours on Friday after work.

These are things I have to deal with though, so I'll push through!

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