Friday, July 22, 2011

A New Use for Leashes

Happy Friday! Log for day 4!

The Exercise:
I didn't exercise, I rested. It was hot outside yesterday. I also had to spend 2+ hours traveling in a car after work. I did some stretches, but started feeling the soreness from Wednesday's workout!

I did some research about what I can do to do body weight rows from my chin-up bar. I found a site where it showed old dog leashes tied to the chin-up bar, making use of the handles. Then you can use the same leashes to do push-ups too. So I'll be looking for some cheap thick leashes this weekend!

The Food:
I stopped at the Farmer's market on the way into the office. Lemme tell you, this makes my day. I grabbed some zucchini, bell peppers and broccoli. Let me tell you a story, I cut up a purple bell pepper for my breakfast. While I was in the kitchen, one of my co-workers came in asking what I was eating. When I told her she looked shocked. Not that I was having a turkey burger for breakfast but at the fact that I eat raw vegetables. I told her to try a bite of the pepper, they were a bit sweet but not overly so. She nearly gagged after she put it into her mouth. She said she doesn't like the taste of vegetables. She can stomach them if they're cooked and covered in sauces... I couldn't fathom that. How can a person not enjoy vegetables? They are so tasty!

Anyway! My food yesterday... I was hungry for breakfast and lunch and then not overly hungry after lunch. Since I had to drive, I opted to grab something "out" for dinner.

Noms Nommed:
Breakfast - Turkey Burger w/ guac & salsa, bell pepper
Snack - Almonds
Lunch - Chicken Breast & Zucchini (raw)
Dinner - Pickle & Turkey/Bacon unwich from Jimmy Johns
Snack - Almonds

The Life:

Due to the fact I wasn't really home, I only got 3 rows done on the knitting last night. But I'm all good with that. What's important is I did something!

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