Friday, July 15, 2011

New NF Challenge

There is a new Nerd Fitness challenge starting up next Monday.

I just finished the book "The Paleo Solution: The Original Human Diet" by Robb Wolf and have decided that for this next challenge, for my eating goals, I will follow the suggestions presented by Robb.  Basically, I'll be eating Paleo for the entire six weeks.  I will be limiting my fruit and nuts, basically sticking with meats and veggies.  Will this be difficult?  Some days, I'm sure it will be.  However, I will make it through and I will do a damned good job at it.

What about my other goals?  What will I be doing?

I realized through the last 6 week challenge, not having access to a gym while at home was difficult. No, I won't be joining a gym.  I strictly do not have the budget for it right now.  What I will be doing is going back to Body Weight exercises.  I'll be following the Rebel Strength Guide Body Weight Brigade again.  The difference this time around?  I'm focusing more on building strength by increasing the difficulty of the exercises at the right time.  I've been talking with Steve Kamb, the creator, and feel like I have a good plan in place.  I'll be doing the Body Weight exercises 3x per week.

What about the other 4 days you ask?  I really enjoyed the goal of getting 2 hours of cardio a week from the last challenge more than the "do the triathlon cardio" from the first.  I'm leaning towards keeping the same time, 2 hours, and making sure I keep variety by doing a host of cardio (biking, walking, hiking, boating... etc) and trying new things.

I also want to throw in a day of yoga each week.  I need to keep my flexibility up where it's at.  It should also help with the stress.

Where am I struggling in my goal making is the life goals.  So many things are happening, I'm not sure what I want to be doing here.  Yes, I need to continue working on the budget and stop spending as much... but I want some fun life goals too, not just the ones that require me to work at adult things. :)  I'm looking for suggestions!

I plan on writing up all my goals, taking my before pictures/measurements/weight on Sunday.  I also plan on taking my scales and putting them out of sight for the entire challenge. (I have three!)  I am going to weigh in at the beginning and at the end.  I'll do pictures and measurements every other week.  I want to pay attention to my body more instead of numbers on a scale.  As well, I won't be tracking my diet using calories, but just writing down what I'm eating, how much, what times and how I felt throughout the day.

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