Monday, September 27, 2010

Reflections 9/27

This weekend, I didn't eat overly badly, but I ate a lot of carbs. I know that carbs are my downfall and where I struggle the most. I know I need to bring this up when I talk to the dietitian on Friday.

Today was a good day. I ate well. I worked out. I also helped a friend who is struggling with her journey. It made me realize something. I may have never strove to be an inspiration to people, but I have been. I can use what I've learned to help them with their journeys.

My goals for this week: watch the carbs, watch the sugars, work out daily (M-R) at gym, Friday at home and Saturday if possible.

Small goals until I talk with the dietitian to get a better idea of where I need to be nutritionally.

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